Learning Is Fun at Three Bars Guest Ranch

Learning Is Fun at Three Bars Guest Ranch

Hands-on, immersive learning opportunities are very popular with vacationers right now, and what could me more fun than an active riding vacation at Three Bars Guest Ranch? Three Bars offers horseback riding for all levels of riders from first-time beginners to experts. In addition, the ranch also includes a wide variety of fun additional activities such as fly fishing, shooting, mountain biking and archery as part of its multi-sport vacation experience.

We talked with Tyler Beckley, Ranch Manager and Owner, to find out about the customized approach to learning experiences at Three Bars Guest Ranch.

  1. Do many guests choose a ranch vacation because they want to learn something in particular, like riding?

Everyone has a different reason for choosing a guest ranch vacation, but learning is a big part of it. Learning to ride a horse is one of the major reasons why people visit Three Bars Guest Ranch, particularly because of our excellent horseback riding program. Three Bars is well known for having a world-class horseback riding program for all levels of riders, so our riding vacations are exceptional. This is due to a combination of great horses, certified wranglers, and the experience of the Beckley Family. Safety is always our #1 concern. The best way for us to keep our guests safe is to make them better riders. It doesn’t matter whether guests are young, old, big or small – learning to ride is a fun, interactive way for couples and families to bond together. We tailor our learning experience to the rider.

  1. Are there any other skills that vacationers want to learn when they come to a ranch?

Everything! At Three Bars Guest Ranch, we are all about learning. We don’t just take our guests out on horseback riding tours; we teach them how to ride properly. Our Three Bars team takes a teaching approach to everything we do. We don’t just take our guests on an excursion to go riding or shooting, fishing, gold panning, or to shoot archery. We teach them how to do those things just like we would do them ourselves – all in a very safe environment.

Since we’re the adventure ranch of the Canadian Rockies, a vacation at Three Bars Ranch is full of firsts. There’s the first time guests go riding, the first time they catch a fish, the first time they shoot a gun … the list goes on and on. I cannot tell you how many emails we get from families telling us about their kids going home and continuing one or more of their new activities there. Many guests also visit Banff and Glacier National Park on the way to or from Three Bars Ranch. There’s a lot to experience and learn there, too.

  1. What factors are important when planning a riding-oriented learning vacation?

With all guests, especially families and multigenerational groups, safety is the most important thing. You always want to work with a reputable guest ranch property. Often the differences between guest ranches are in the small details. There are different aspects that will make a particular guest ranch the perfect fit for someone. From the outside, all guest ranches may seem like they are the same – but they definitely are not. There are huge variations in accommodations, meals, pricing, activities and horseback riding programs. It is important to know exactly what the property offers and what its true strengths are.

I always recommend choosing a guest ranch with lots of variety in their program. Each person is different. Not everyone is going to want to ride every day, all day. It is important to have a wide variety of options for each guest to do – and at their individual level. It’s only a great vacation if you are doing things you enjoy. That’s one of Three Bars’ strengths. At Three Bars Guest Ranch, there are numerous activities for everyone and many different things to learn.

  1. Do you find that learning something together gives families something special to bond over and share?

Yes, absolutely. That’s particularly true of learning something new, because it puts everyone on the same playing field. Family riding vacations are popular and learning to ride a horse is a great equalizer for families. How long is that kid going to remember that he could trot faster than his dad? Learning to do something together is a powerful thing and it creates great experiences. Experiences like those create lifelong memories, and here at Three Bars, we facilitate outstanding experiences for every guest. Creating the best customized vacation experience for each guest is what Three Bars is all about.