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a fantastic week at Three Bars
    "We spent a fantastic week at Three Bars. The ranch is particularly well-suited for families, as kids can enjoy both structured activities and free time relaxing at the lodge game room or pool area with their new friends. What is most impressive about the ranch is the smoothness of the operation - Tyler and April manage to make it look easy to take care of 30-40 guests, 75 horses, activities, and an assortment of wranglers, cats, goats, sheep, dogs, cattle and pig. The layout of the guest cabins and main lodge is well thought out, giving room for quiet time in the cabin, but with a big lawn for evening games of capture the flag. The horses were very well-trained and interesting to ride, with trail rides going out twice a day through the trails around the property, including down to the St Mary's river, which is also the site for rafting and fishing. We also enjoyed the help of the wranglers in riding and other activities, and learning about the cattle operation from the cow boss."
- Tim and Jill
Palo Alto, California
This week will linger in the memory
    "This week will linger in the memory for some time and will include vivid recollections of this wonderful ranch and the spectacular scenery. Great group of people to be with and a big thanks to Tyler and Jenna and the Wranglers. You don’t need to ride to still have a great time. Love to come back for another visit to this spectacular place. "
- Ann & Bethe
Shropshire, UK
I have never been to a dude ranch before
    "I have never been to a dude ranch before. I was so excited, but you exceeded all my expectations. All the wranglers were so friendly and easy to talk to. And all the guest were really nice too. The food was amazing and the horses were so sweet. All in all I had an awesome time, and total want to come back again. "
- Clare
Lake Oswego, OR
it was amazing
    "Have just returned from Three Bars Ranch and what can I say, it was amazing!!! Having been to another ranch in the area (this is what prompted me to go to Three Bars) this ranch wins hands down. It is set in some of the most amazing scenery, with nice large, comfortable cabins to suit singles, couples or Family's!! The main lodge is comfy with a bar, pool table, TV (if you want it) and other games. Food was extremely nice with plenty of it, and variety (I didn't see the same dish once). Then you have the pool, hot tub and tennis court. That’s all before reaching the choral (sp?). The wranglers where fantastic, so much so my 13 year old nephew has decided this is what he wants to do when he grows up!! The horses are in fantastic shape and extremely well trained and well footed, and we where matched to them brilliantly. It's a warm and welcoming place and I for one will definitely be going back there!!!!! If you want fun with relaxation, a warm welcome and a touch of Heaven on Earth without a beach, this is the place to go, its breath taking!!!"
- Sarah
Kent, WA
playing in the pool
    "We had a great time at Three Bars in August. Visiting Three Bars was the best family vacation we've had in a long time, if not ever. The riding, activities and wranglers were outstanding. We met families from New England, Oregon, Canada, Ireland and Hong Kong. Our children are 10 and 8. They had fun on the rides, with the wranglers, exploring, playing in the pool, hanging out together and playing with the animals. A great place! All the best..."
- Matt, Nell, Molly and Chase
the kind of place I think I'd enjoy no matter what the weather
    "Staying at Three Bars Guest and Cattle Ranch was a memorable experience in many ways thanks to the graciousness and generosity of spirit of the ranch's hosts and owners - the Beckley family. The Beckley’s and their staff create an easy-going, communal atmosphere for guests. And there always seemed to be someone readily available to address any question or request I had throughout the week. Their horses (some 100 or so) are all beautiful, gentle and in great shape. Guests are matched with one horse for the week based on their riding ability. As a novice, I was glad to be paired with a kind, experienced horse who seemed to understand he had to exhibit a little extra patience with the well-meaning but skill-free amateur on his back. The wranglers, who led the many trail rides we took during the week, were equally understanding and helpful. The ranch itself is vast and breathtakingly beautiful. I don't think their Web site does it justice, but I'm told they're redesigning it. The accommodations - beautifully hewed log cabins - offer comfort, quiet and privacy when you want it. At the same time, they're situated in such a way as to offer easy opportunities to talk with neighboring guests on their porches when you prefer to do that. The meals were very good and plentiful, and the dining room in the lodge offered a relaxed, social atmosphere for adults and kids alike. While I didn't have kids with me, the children who were there the week I visited and who I got to spend some time with seemed delighted with the place as it allowed them ample room to run free, embark on lots of adventures and play with the many animals at the ranch (lots of great dogs and cats, some chickens and hens, a calf, and of course, horses as far as the eye could see). The week I was there the weather was great, but it's the kind of place I think I'd enjoy no matter what the weather. I'd highly recommend Three Bars to anyone who loves horses and would really enjoy a complete escape from their everyday lives."
- Mary
New York, NY
A Great Week
    "We've had such a great week - fantastic riding, hospitality, company and activities. The horses were amazingly well trained and the wranglers very knowledgeable and talented. We've laughed so much this week. Thank you all so, so much, see you all next year."
- Richard

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