The Evening Program

There is something for everyone during the evening at Three Bars Guest Ranch. Whether you are a spectator or a participant you are guaranteed to be entertained.

Activities include:

Fire Engine Games

Ever wish you could play with your very own fire truck? Ok, we’ll let you use ours. What more could you ask for than a big, green toy that pumps 650 gallons of water a minute?!


Reining Horse Demo

Jeff and Jesse Beckley show reining horses and teach performance horse clinics all across North America. And once a week they perform a reining horse demonstration for our small group of guests at the ranch. Jeff and Jesse will talk you through the incredible maneuvers these capable horses can pull off.


Ranch Casino Night

Once a week The Saloon is converted into a casino. The wranglers deal the cards and guests compete to see who can win and cheat the most out of the house. You will be given a $25,000 marker to play with and prizes are awarded to the top gamblers.



Wranglers vs. Guests – surprisingly, this friendly game of volleyball sometimes gets a little competitive.


Campfire Night

There is something special about sharing a campfire with friends. Roast marshmallows over an open fire and sing along with the guitar.