Wildlife Viewing in British Columbia

The wildlife at Three Bars Guest Ranch is diverse and untouched. Healthy populations of elk, white-tailed deer, mule deer, black bears, coyotes and moose are frequently seen on trail rides, usually at first light and just before dark.

Evenings, large groups of white-tailed deer can be seen from the porch, grazing in the fields. August through November, migrating elk passing through the ranch number in the hundreds. River rafters often see bald eagles and osprey dive for fish.

Protected Habitat

Three Bars Guest Ranch is also home to the rare pileated woodpecker and is prime habitat for the endangered Columbia badger. With a population of less than 400 in the world, Three Bars Guest Ranch works with local conservation programs to ensure the survival of the Columbia badger. Our riders sometimes see them around the fields.

85% of British Columbia is owned by the government, untouched and wild, as it was meant to be, which leaves millions of acres for you to explore.